Hello Dirk,

A week now we have been back home in New Zealand and finally getting on top of our work after a truly magnificent holiday. You are privileged indeed to have such a beautiful property, homestead and abundant and well managed game animal population as you have at Lynedoch. Thank you very much for sharing it. We all had a marvellous time.

But we have to say, one of your best resources you have is your resident PH,- JJ. That man is worth his weight in gold ! From the very first minute he met us as the Airport to the time he fare welled us on the road, he went above and beyond in every way to make our stay and adventure unforgettable.

After spending time hunting in Asia, Australia, the middle east, the sub Antarctic, south America, 3 times in Africa and years and years in New Zealand, I can confidently say he is the most impressive host, guide and genuine good bloke that I have had the good fortune to hunt with.

Mornae, Anita and all the staff excelled in hospitality and care. We all left feeling  that we were saying goodbye to friends.  They were all a very special team. (Half way through writing up an article for our NZ hunter magazine, will forward a copy to you when complete).

Thank you and best regards


Brent Glentworth